FT&T India offers ecotourism packages for foreign tourists, mostly private groups but also open tours for anyone to join. We want our customers to experience the natural and historic beauty of the land along with the local people and culture. We believe responsible tourism can benefit local communities, especially in rural areas where development can create new economic opportunities.

We aim to provide high quality tours to responsible customers wishing to engage in more than the average “tourist” experience. Our staff spend significant time onsite in our tour destinations learning the local language & culture while building a wide network of local relationships. This helps us bridge the culture gap that often exists between the foreign tourist and the local community. In addition, we are able to find excellent local guides and service providers that allow us to offer a quality product to our customers.

FT&T India’s Principles for Responsible Tourism:

  • We encourage our customers to have an awareness and appreciation for the culture and environment visited. Therefore we implement our tours in ways that respect cultural values and practices.
  • We believe that knowing about the history of the place you’re visiting can enhance your understanding of the present. We provide our customers with insights into the history of our tour destinations, as well as point them to additional resources if they want to learn more.
  • We avoid tourist traps/environments and seek to visit culturally authentic environments.
  • We support the local economy by appropriately hiring quality local service providers to help facilitate our tours. We also look for opportunities to promote community development in the rural areas our tours visit.
  • We care for the environment of the host culture by educating and promoting environmental responsibility among tourists and locals.