Is Kashmir safe? This is a common question asked by many tourists when they think of visiting Kashmir. After all, many Western countries have travel warnings for their citizens regarding Kashmir due to the history of militancy in the region that was at its peak during the 1990s. Fortunately the situation in Kashmir has improved significantly since 2002, and tourism is once again a viable and key economic industry.

This does not mean militancy is over or that Kashmir is without any risk. Protests continue to happen at various times against the Indian government. India also maintains a large contingent of military personnel in the region due to the unresolved nature of the Kashmir conflict. When visiting Kashmir you will see both the beauty of the place and people along with the scars and lingering effects of militancy.

FT&T India operates tours in Kashmir for foreign tourists who are aware of the possible risks of Kashmir and are willing to accept them. A travel advisory issued by another country for Kashmir does not necessarily mean that we will cancel a tour to Kashmir. As Westerners, we also understand the concern for safety many Western tourists have, and so we do our best to protect the safety of our clients. Because we live in Kashmir the majority of the year, we have a good knowledge of the current situation and have a valuable network of local relationships that provide us with accurate information concerning any potential risks.

Our hope is that by doing business in Kashmir we can be a positive factor for revitalization in a region that has experienced great turmoil over the years.