Journey to the Valley of Kashmir to experience the unique beauty of trekking in the Himalayas.

The treks we take you on in Kashmir mostly follow shepherd trails, so in addition to the great scenery you also can enjoy watching nomadic shepherds herding their flocks of goats & sheep, cows or water buffalo.

Because Kashmiri culture is as unique as the Himalayan landscapes, we recommend trekkers spend a full day in Srinagar before starting your trek. You can venture out on a Srinagar tour featuring highlights of the old city as well as the Mughal Gardens.

When you return to Srinagar after the trek, it’s also nice to have a full rest/free day in Srinagar after the trek for you to relax, go on a shikara ride, do some shopping, or catch up on laundry.

Treks can vary in the number of days and difficulty. Here are some treks we currently feature:

Trek #1: Aru-Lidderwat

For those with the shortest amount of time available, this short trek still provides a fun adventure and taste of the Himalayas.

  • Day 1: Leave Srinagar early morning for Aru, followed by a 3-4 hour hike to the Lidderwat campsite.
  • Day 2: Hike and explore the beautiful area around Lidderwat.
  • Day 3: Trek back to Aru and then return by taxi to Srinagar.

Trek #2: Aru-Kolahoi Glacier

A gorgeous 4-5 day trek following the Lidder river all the way to the Kolahoi glacier and peak.

  • Day 1: Leave Srinagar early morning for Aru, followed by a 3-4 hour hike to the Lidderwat campsite.
  • Day 2: Trek for 3 hours to the Satlunjan campsite, explore the area after lunch.
  • Day 3: Full day trek up to Kolahoi glacier with optional climb up to Dudh Sar lake (12,000ft). Return to Satlunjan in late afternoon.
  • Day 4 (option 1): Hike all the way back to Aru, and then return by taxi to Srinagar.
  • Day 4 (option 2): Remain at Satlunjan for rest or further exploration, or hike back to Lidderwat to camp there in the evening.
  • Day 5: If taking the extra day, then return to Aru on this day followed by the taxi to Srinagar.

Trek #3: Sonamarg-Vishensar/Kishensar Trek

A 5 day trek taking you over a 13,000ft pass filled with incredible views of wide mountain valleys on the way to two picturesque lakes.

  • Day 1: Leave Srinagar early morning for Sonamarg, trek 6-7 hours to Nichinai campsite.
  • Day 2: Trek from Nichinai to a campsite just below Vishensar Lake (6 hrs).
  • Day 3: Enjoy hiking around Vishensar and Kishensar Lakes with possible fishing in the lakes.
  • Day 4: Trek back to the Nichinai campsite.
  • Day 5: Trek down to Sonamarg, return by taxi to Srinagar.

Additional Information

To learn more about what trekking in Kashmir with us looks like, please read this article from our resource pages.

On our treks the following items are provided:

  • High quality REI and Eureka brand sleeping tents with footprints
  • Locally made dining and kitchen tents with full dining and kitchen equipment
  • Reliable Katadyn water filters
  • Black Diamond LED lanterns
  • Emergency medical kit
  • All the delicious hot chai you can drink!