Kashmiri Girl, photo copyright Matt BrandonImprove your vision with the Lumen Dei Photo Tour and Workshop.

Lumen Dei is a unique experience; it is a photographic tour that tells you not where to point your camera, but why. We also focus on providing you with a rich cross-cultural experience and insights into eastern life and culture that simply can’t be gained on a traditional photo tour.


“Our express purpose is to open western eyes to unfamiliar people and places and to teach those eyes to shoot from the heart and tell compelling stories through the camera.”


You will have the chance to photograph people and places you’ve only seen in your imagination. Along the way we’ll immerse you in the culture and teach you how to photograph people, places, and culture in a sensitive and respectful way.

Previous staff photographers for Lumen Dei have included Matt BrandonDavid duCheminGavin Gough, and Ami Vitale.

What makes Lumen Dei distinct from other photo tours is our small group size and emphasis on relationships. There is no formal teaching, no lectures, or classrooms. Teaching is done organically through one on one time, conversations at meals, and during image reviews throughout the trip. Our staff photographers travel with you, shoot with you, and remain accessible the entire time you’re together to answer questions and meet your specific needs as you learn your craft.

We currently do not have any Lumen Dei photo tours planned, however you can email us if you have questions about future Lumen Dei tours.